Just feel lost and very alone. Despite years of praying for healing, I am still exhausted & depressed. I suffer from an autoimmune disorder which causes me to be very tired after a little activity. I now have my father to take care of, & my mother who is very negative. I feel so guilty because I can't tolerate her for very long. My 2 girls don't get the attention they need. I rarely cook for anyone any more because I'm usually in bed by 5or 6 pm. My husband works hard all day, comes home & gets on the computer. My 2 unmarried  nieces have both recently had babies!  One lives with a convicted felon who can't get a job. The other niece had twins 2 months ago & lives w a guy who has kicked her out twice since his children were born. They both drink and she is breast feeding. I am constantly worried about the babies. None of my friends bother 2return my phone calls, texts, emails although they know nothing that is going on in my life. I don't want to run anyone off so I don't tell them anything. Doesn't seem to be helping me maintain any friendships.  I go to church & feel great while I'm there but come home to the same unchanged problems. My husband is very passive. Our house is in need of many repairs & we don't have the money to do it.  I am so afraid I'm going to snap someday & take a handful of pills. I have plenty of antidepressants & meds for anxiety so it would be so easy. I have cried out to God so many times but never feel any peace or comfort. I am not the mother or wife that I long to be. I really don't want to be here. If it weren't for my girls I would have been long gone. The stress & pressure is more than I can handle & I wonder why God won't help me. I feel very unloved & useless. 

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Consider looking into a naturopathic doctor for the autoimmune issues.  I have been seeing one for years, and she has done amazing things to heal me when the MD's had no idea or were just making things worse.

Also, this is something simple, yet may be very helpful.  Take whole food vitamins.  They are made from real food so the body uses them very effectively.  No side effects, only benefits.  True health starts here.

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