We got a ton of questions from our webcast Tuesday night. I will be posting many of the questions and answers here over the next few weeks. Please comment with your ideas and recommendations as we encourage everyone in their own struggles.

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Great Question, Matthew!

“How can I stop getting distracted and stay focused and motivated to let myself succeed? I read books and attend seminars and then become motivated for awhile. However, it quickly fades and I find myself struggling through another meaningless job trying to get by from week to week. I sometimes write goals, but I never follow them through to the end.” Matthew

As you already know, follow through is the key. I have heard Dad say many times that “a big shot is just a little shot that kept on shooting.” So how do you keep shooting? Three things to do that will help tremendously:

First, clearly write your goals down.

Second, start every day 10 minutes early making sure that you begin your day right. Start with reviewing your goals for the day, listing your top things to get done, and checking off what you accomplished from the day before. If you really want to get crazy you can also end each day the same way. Nothing like sleeping on what you accomplished and what you are going to get done the next day!

Third, plan at least 10 minutes a day of inspiration and motivation by either listening to or reading the good stuff. This third thing is key, because in the end this is the reserve you draw on when you get de-motivated. In fact, the more you feel “down,” the more critical it is to put the good stuff in.

Bonus tip for you — make sure you put a completion date on your goals, and celebrate them when you achieve them. Many times we write goals that are so far off we never feel like we are making progress, so break them down into steps and celebrate accomplishing the steps. This way you can honestly say, “When I write down a goal and work on it every day, I achieve it.”

Final thought – when you set your priorities for the day, ask yourself “will accomplishing these help me accomplish my goals?” Sometimes priorities really aren’t!
Great! I guess I've heard your Dad say these in order, but I'm glad you posted this Tom. I'll print this out and stick it on the fridge for a reminder. Thanks Tom and thanks Matthew for bringing this important question up.

God bless,


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