Do you have a Zig Story?


Do you have a Zig Story?

Please tell us your Zig story of how Zig impacted your life.

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Comment by Rajesh Uniyal on April 25, 2012 at 2:51am

Five years ago I came across the word "Motivational Speakers". Out of curiosity I searched it on the net and saw Zig Ziglar's video clips. I downloaded them, saw them over and over again until my mind's input changed. thanks to Mr. Ziglar. I found my reason for being. Today I am giving motivational seminars to the students of high school and above in India.

Comment by Shirley Reitmeier on February 1, 2011 at 12:34am
My Son I love Zig Ziglar! I frist heard him 10-1-2-1994.I was a single Mother starting to sell Amway. And I heard Zig, I bought his tapes to the Top and Raising Positive Kids in a negative world. I have a 28 year old son who has a TBI , 8-9-2007 A Deer hit him on his motor bike. He is alive a doing ok, but he is in denial. He was taking over the farming from my husband his step dad. And now my husband is coming out of retirement and is going to farm. It is very, very hard to be the Mother and the Wife. I wish my son would except his TBI and use the tools the Dr told him to use. And yes he could be very sucessful, Casey was ADD before the accident so everything so much bigger. He is my most lovable son but the most difficult. His personality has changed, and he will not be the same, he is depressed. If is very hard for the caregivers, If you lived in a big city a have the support group. but in a small town it's hard and it is people like Casey who fall between the cracks.! I just wish someone has Positive as Zig could give my son Casey A big injection of Zig Ziglar. I was diagnosis with breast cancer 2-1-2008 I will be having my 3rd Birthday! In Sept 2008 I did a Shirley's BRAdway Comedy Show I raised $10.000 the frist year. Then last year we raised $12.000.00. for cancer research. and displayed 1,650 Bra's outside a building in Oct for BREAST awareness month. BIG OR SMALL LET'S SAVE THEM ALL. My husband and I have been Married for almost 14 years. We have 5 childern and 2 grandsons. This is such a God Thing Frist hearing Zig in Oct 94( Casey Birthday month) Zig accident in 2007(TBI) Casey in 2007. you are going to speak 2-1-2011 with Nicki That is My 3rd Birthday. I frist heard her 2 years ago At a NORWEX conference. I look forward to reading your book. And the CD's. SO my wish is keep on what you are doing for all of us! If you are ever in the neighborhood stop by for coffee LOL. I would rather talk then type it is not a strong suit of mine.LOL God Bless You God Bless US…
Started Jan 29
Comment by Angela Gribbins on January 25, 2011 at 5:31pm

Once upon a time I was in a multilevel marketing business and "met" Zig through the cassette tapes that they encouraged us to listen to.  Later (1993-ish) I attended a "Success" seminar and I was hooked.  On the way home from the seminar I listened to Zig's personal spiritual journey on tape and learned at that moment what it meant to be a Christian...  to be "saved."  In a matter of days the same cassette tape saved my best friend's soul!  In 1994 I attended the "Born To Win" seminar in Dallas and was blessed beyond belief.  I was so fortunate to have been in Dallas on Sunday after the seminar when Zig and the redhead took us to their church for Sunday school and worship.  What a wonderful experience!!  I love love love Zig Ziglar.  He has taught me soooooo much in my life.

Comment by Bob White on November 10, 2010 at 9:10am
I met Zig about 2006 when I was invited by Bryan Flanagan (Zig's Sales Manager) to attend Zig's Monday Morning Devotional's at his offices - I had already been a fan of Zig's in my marketing and personal devlopment activities and seen him at a Get Motivated event. Zig had me at hello, autographed my See You At The Top book, had my picture taken with him - have attended many devotionals since then - he has become one of my many mentors in my life journeys
Comment by Tom Ziglar on February 15, 2010 at 7:33am
Jerry, thanks for posting here and sharing your Zig story. Congrats on the book!
Comment by Jerry B. Smith on February 14, 2010 at 3:40pm
I first met Zig in 1972 when I started selling real estate. I was an accountant and afraid that I wouldn't make it in sales. I bought Zig's tapes and listened regularly and I became a million dollar producer my first year. Then in 1999, I joined Prestonwood Baptist and joined Zig's Encouragers class and became close friends with Zig and Jean {Mom}. Zig became a mentor to me and encouraged me to write my first book: "Does God Give Us More Than We Can Bear?" He wrote my foreword and helped me along the way. Zig has been an inspiration weekly to me. My book has been published and released nationwide 11/10/09. At my first book signing,last month at Barnes & Noble, Zig sat with me at the book signing and actually signed my books along with me. The store manager was very impressed and said that she had never heard of 2 authors signing the same book when they weren't co-authors.
Comment by Tom Ziglar on February 4, 2010 at 8:49am
Eric, thanks so much for sharing here. I know your story will give hope to many others, and most of all your kids have a role model on the right path. I am so blessed to have Dad as my Dad, and nothing makes me happier than when he influences another Dad to be a great Dad.
Comment by Eric Laughton on February 3, 2010 at 12:18pm
I sent this email to Tom a few weeks back:

Hello Tom:
We conversed on facebook regarding your father figuratively and, perhaps literally, saving my life - at least in a sense. I want to start my own "Wall of Gratitude" with the first person being Zig Ziglar. (thus my request to you for a signed picture of Zig).

You asked me to share my story. It is rife with personal issues - I will keep it pithy. I am a 44 year old full time NY State Trooper (Lieutenant) as well as a 25 year veteran still serving in the Air National Guard at the rank of Major. I am well educated and have been a highly motivated person.

But my personal live was in shambles. I was in a costly and emotionally devastating battle to gain visitation time with my three little boys in a very contentious divorce process (efforts to save the marriage failed). Normally a highly fit individual, I became 40 pounds over weight. I lost any desire to set and obtain "goals." I spent an increasing amount of time playing online video games (my escape) and ignoring my kids. Simply put, I was merely "existing."

Then I listen to Zig's "Success and the Self Image" on my way to work (long drive). I have no idea how/why I picked this up, but God does put people in your path for a reason. (Yes, I am a born again Christian). I was hooked. That program led to his audio program "goals," which led to every audio book he made; I consume them all with a thirst I cannot explain. It changed my life, completely. Suddenly I recognized that "I" was in charge of my future; whining was over. With God on my side (as Zig reminded me), I could set and obtain healthy goals instead of obsessing on things I could not change. His audio books led to other motivational authors. His audio book also led me to the "Get Motivated" seminar in Buffalo, NY (2009), in which I sat in the front row and was honored to hear Zig speak live (the interview format). I was even more motivated.

In an effort to keep in short, I will finish. Today I am a new man. I spend no time playing video games and a ton of time with my three little boys (whom I know have about 45% of the time). Even at their young ages (6,5 and 4), we speak about "goal setting." They actually parrot my statements! Also, I met a wonderful woman who supports me, loves Zig and whom I will marry someday soon. I began option trading (ala the Get Motivated seminar) as well as learning how to trade Forex. The divorce process broke (serious debt) and in despair. But I no longer mourn; no complaints. I am setting goals to get out debt and seek financial independence, and more importantly, happiness. I have never been so excited to "live" in my life. The television is something I rarely turn on these days (I recall what Zig stated about TV). There is too much to accomplish.

Your father is a gem. He is one of the few folks I know that "talk the talk and walk the walk" as evidenced by his continual desire to live to a standard he set for himself--even at his age. Seeing him on stage at the Get Motivated seminar nearly brought me to tears (of happiness). What an inspiration! You, as well as your sisters, are very blessed; I know you know that.

Tom, I was heading down a very scary path before I heard Zig. I won't elaborate on that; just know that your father was the catalysis that brought me out of a tailspin.

I have attached a picture of my boys and my wonderful finance'

Eric Laughton
Comment by Rebecca Stafford on December 8, 2009 at 4:05am
May 19,1986 I was 5 1/2 months pregnant when my husband 42 years old died of a heartattack. I had 2 other children 2 girls from a previous marriage. No life insurance since salesman did not show up on Friday night appt. he died on Monday morning. After son was born went into direct sales to survive. The sky was the limit. I was a self starter but was suffering from depression and didn't know it. A friend of my in real estate handed me See you at the top.From that day forward when things seem like I was not gonna make it thru I would plug in a CD,tape or grab a ZZ book and start all over again. Since those days I remarried twice. I have a wonderful husband and another son in this picture from prievious husband.My son wants to go into sales so I was looking for Dave Currey and stumbled on this webbsite. ( My children grew up on tapes of Z traveling from Co. to Ky. 2-3 times a year. I was able to have Mr. Currey speak at one of my seminars in Loveland, Co.The Kids all loved him. I was never able to afford Mr. Ziglarto come speak for me but I did go hear him in Louisville, Ky. sometime later when Christopher Reeves was there .What a blessing.I decided if I did'nt meet him here on earth I would see him in heaven. Thru Gods love he used Mr.Z to keep me going all these years.THANKS ZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My son whose father died before he was born has become a writer. Youngest daughter in Italy with husband in AirForce .One daughter teaches High School. Oldest daughter just married in Nov.has a ministy with Music. My life is wonderful. I have just started a new direct sales buisness so I need to brush up on recruting and sales tech. as it has been a few years since I worked in this field. I am sure I will do great!. One thing I know I am gonna have fun and be blessed by all the new clients I haven't met yet. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL AND GOD BLESS
Comment by Mario Villagran on November 23, 2009 at 2:01pm
A little more than 8 years ago I had to pull my kids out of an unhealthy environment and enter single fatherhood. At the time I began to question my ability to do it on my own. Lot of negative thinking and worrying about things that might never happen. Yes I was paying interest on debt I hadn't incurred. Through teachings from the Bible and books and tapes from ZZ I was able to change my thinking. I focused on myself and the children and invited all positive people to remain active in the kids' lives. My daughter was in Kindergarten back then and now is a well rounded young lady getting ready to enter high school and my son is such a big kid and I think the reason why is to make room for his big heart. I took ZZ's advice and built a winning team and kept my home field advantage.

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