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Each Of Our Most Desirable Combination:.

Definite brands of wood and laminate flooring may very well have manufacturer-recommended cleaning solutions, be sure when you need to follow the manufacturer's advice for best results.

Some notable alternatives are laminate and cork levels. Laminate uses wood byproducts and some other materials to create a solid faux-wood surface, but many complain that it is high decibel and easily damaged. Cork floors will be durable and come from faster-growing trees.

Saves Intricate Wood Work. Some… Continue

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The Attraction Of Cialis

Erectile dysfunction is one of the concerns of men today. Therefore, they depend on using Cialis. This kind of medicine is not very typical for many people yet buyers trust on it. Despite the fact that this drug is used short term, the results are apparent. Below are some of the reasons why this is the finest medication ever created to savor sexual intimacies.

Increase In Quantity Of Consumers

Cialis is not really just popular in the US but also in many regions of Europe. The… Continue

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5 Pointed Star Model for Success

As we were putting up our Christmas tree I began to think about the significance of the star on top of the tree. Then I started to think how as parents we always want our kids to be stars. More so from the day they're born until they're about 7 years old. You see it every Christmas at the number of school shows. The younger kids have their own fan club including parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, and anyone else that wants to be supportive of that cute little kid.




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Melancholy Moments

I know by now most people believe in the benefits of positive thinking. I am constantly trying to learn techniques that can help me develop daily rituals so that I am always positive. Am I crazy for thinking it's possible? Well maybe just a little but I have more and more people that depend on me to be positive so that I can help them find the brighter side. So what about those melancholy moments?

Don't tell me you have not experienced those times where you are just feeling down but… Continue

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Happy Thanksgiving 2010!

It is that time of year again when we get some time off to gather with friends and family to reflect on everything we have and not what we don't have. The simple fact that I am in the United States and able to write a blog means that I am better off than most of the world. Sure there are times when I want more and might feel bad because I don't have more but then I realize that I need to continue to show gratitude that my needs are being met.

There are people out there that are having… Continue

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This past weekend I was in Palm Springs at a retreat with my business partner and husband of 19 years. It was a wonderful time of renewal, and someday I'll share the story of The Gauntlet, but not now.

Earlier today I was listening to Zig's Spiritual Journey. He said something that was like a punch in the gut.

He said, "you + God = Enough."

I cried. Inwardly, because I didn't want to have to explain myself to my coworkers. LOL. But I emailed my husband immediately.… Continue

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Going Down Memory Lane Is Like Driving While Looking In The Mirror

Alaina &…

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My First Post

Wow. Didn't know I would have this awesome tool, but here goes.

I'm working together with my husband to build a network business. I am embracing the struggle, for I have no choice; struggle it has been, non stop. :) But We will Win!

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Can The Kids Tell That I Love Them?

Recently my son took a spill at the skate park. I have always been tough on these kids and expect them to brush it off. Matthew did just that and didn't cry. Little did he know that

after his second fall he had fractured both arms. He still waited

patiently with his little brother while I ran some errands for work and

took my daughter to a tournament. By the time I picked him up he told me

about the fall and how his arms were starting to hurt.…

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Mastermind Alliance

The concept of a mastermind alliance was made popular by Napoleon Hill in Think and Grow Rich. In a nutshell you start an alliance with others to create a synergistic relationship. The collective knowledge will produce better results. Over the years I have definitely bounced around different groups. I have benefited from every alliance I have been a part of and I hope the members have benefited from me as well.

I want to share with you the members of my alliance that have been a… Continue

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Want Financial Prosperity? Get Back to the Basics

I know I'm not the only one that had an affair with credit. We were so in love with each other and just like everything else in my life that

has been easy, credit turned out to be my downfall.

Purchasing items, going out to eat, and buying gifts felt good. Well

temporarily until the bill came at the end of the month. Then it really

hurt once the teaser rates ended. All of a sudden I was a slave to…

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TGIF? How About Just TGIA

How times and our culture have changed. Past generations took a lot of

pride in having to go to work and you were defined by your work ethic.

They were always in survival mode whereas now we really take employment

for granted until it is gone. I guess that is expected in an age of

entitlements where almost everything has become a right and not a

privilege. Our culture loves the phrase "TGIF, thank God it's Friday"

and Fridays seem to be the day we wake up with a… Continue

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Does God Exist? My Faith Tells Me Yes

Many people don't believe in the existence of God or any other god. Many people have blind faith. Who is right? Can we rely on science to prove everything? Is the existence of life only on one planet in this vast universe the result of random events? Was everything planned by one supreme being or infinite intelligence? This blog is just to share one of my experiences and why I believe in God and why this faith has me believing in Jesus Christ. Will I judge you if you don't believe, no cause… Continue

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Happy Birthday My Baby Girl


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Just got back to UK from Texas and TREMENDOUS 2 Days with The Ziglars!

Hi everyone, My business partners and I have just returned to the UK after 2 days with Zig, Jean, Tom and Julie Ziglar. We were honoured to have dinner with the Ziglars and attend an event the next day - where Zig and Julie were the key note speakers. If you havent seen ZIG LIVE dont delay and set a goal to see him this year. We attended one of the GET MOTIVATED seminars - they hold events all over the USA and ZIG appears at most of them.. check out the website to see when ZIG is near you!… Continue

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From Bad to Worse Now That's Historic Reform

Let me disclose that I am against our government continuing to bailout corporations and individuals. I feel that their primary job is to

protect its citizens and keep our borders safe. Just because I believe

that it is not our government's job to provide affordable homes or

health insurance does not mean that I don't think it is our individual

responsibilities to help out our neighbors in need.

No matter how hard we try we will…

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Growing Closer to God

Our earthly parents are supposed to prepare us to leave them. Unlike them

our earthly Father pushes us so that we can get closer to him. I have

made my life as transparent as possible and so you know that I… Continue

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The Dreaded Sex Talk

Last night I decided to ask my daughter for a few minutes of her time so that I can have a serious conversation with her. I didn't think that the time for me to have the talk with my little girl was ever

going to come. I had to realize that although she will always be my

little girl to others she is now a teenager and it is a matter of time

that I'm going to have to pull out my shotgun (just kidding I don't own

a gun but my hands are considered lethal). Reading…


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Taking The High Road Can Be So Hard

Competition can bring out the best in the competitors. It can also

bring out the worst in some competitors, parents, and fans. As a coach

I try to teach the kids that God gave us sports so that we can realize

our potential. It's also a tool to teach sportsmanship, teamwork, and

just have fun. Winning will be the end result when you put all the

above pieces of the puzzle together.

We overwhelm ourselves with winning. As fans and parents winning… Continue

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Working Yourself Out of a Job

"When you're 18 I'm free!", this is the phrase some of us say when we're joking about parenting. Well some of us are joking others maybe serious. You can ask any grandparent and they'll all tell you that it never ends but the demands from the children just change.

I've spent most of my parenting as a single parent. I remember taking on the task and swearing off of any relationships until my kids are 18 and off to college. This was 9 years ago and yes it is tough. I'm not at all a… Continue

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