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Going Down Memory Lane Is Like Driving While Looking In The Mirror

Alaina &…

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Can The Kids Tell That I Love Them?

Recently my son took a spill at the skate park. I have always been tough on these kids and expect them to brush it off. Matthew did just that and didn't cry. Little did he know that

after his second fall he had fractured both arms. He still waited

patiently with his little brother while I ran some errands for work and

took my daughter to a tournament. By the time I picked him up he told me

about the fall and how his arms were starting to hurt.…

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Growing Closer to God

Our earthly parents are supposed to prepare us to leave them. Unlike them

our earthly Father pushes us so that we can get closer to him. I have

made my life as transparent as possible and so you know that I… Continue

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Working Yourself Out of a Job

"When you're 18 I'm free!", this is the phrase some of us say when we're joking about parenting. Well some of us are joking others maybe serious. You can ask any grandparent and they'll all tell you that it never ends but the demands from the children just change.

I've spent most of my parenting as a single parent. I remember taking on the task and swearing off of any relationships until my kids are 18 and off to college. This was 9 years ago and yes it is tough. I'm not at all a… Continue

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